Enough Abuse Presentation 17th September 2014

It was really good to see a significant number of parents at the Enough Abuse Presentation last night.  Marilyn Hawes the founder of the charity and presenter was very taken by the interest and enthusiasm that was shown. It is important for us to ensure that not only the teachers and members of staff of our school are properly trained in all relevant matters of Safeguarding, but that our parents should be informed too.  Marilyn provided us with plenty of information and of contact details. Awareness is a significant key to preventing situations from developing that might result in harm to our children. I am very happy to discuss these issues with any parent in terms of the provision that we take in school and other information that may be helpful to parents.

I have already received incredibly positive feedback from a number of parents and this is most rewarding. I am sure that on all of our behalves we would like to wish Marilyn and her Enough Abuse campaign every success as it moves ahead.

Mr Alex Gear