Tuesday 11th November – Oakhyrst Grange remembers those who died in the first and second world wars

On Tuesday 11th November Oakhyrst Grange School had a day of remembrance for those who died in the two world wars. As it was one hundred years since the beginning of the First World War it was decided that the children and staff would dress up in clothes representing that era of history.

The Quantum Theatre group were invited in to give all the children an outline of the event which leads to the war and how the soldiers and families handled their lives.
The Quantum group performed a play titled “Your Country needs you”. The actors were two young men who, within an hour, managed to depict life during the world war one. They used props, mostly hats, to change character and situations and told the story with poems and songs from World War One. They cleverly used regional accents to inform their audience of the areas and people they were depicting and involved the children by asking them to join in the singing of the songs with them.

This year it was decided to let Rose B and Mr Gardner play the Last Post and Reveille on the building’s parapet. All the children and staff were on the tennis court before the hour of eleven to partake in a minute’s silence, which was very moving.

During the lead up to the eleventh the children in school have been partaking in a handwriting competition using their choice of World War One poem. Their work can be seen displayed either in their classroom or in the corridors.

Hannah C, with the help of her child minder, made a model of a World War One trench and her work has inspired Year six working in groups to make their own art work.

Mr James Vincent, Deputy Headmaster