Harvest Festival Service – Wednesday 14th October 2015

We were delighted to hold our first Harvest Festival Service in many years at St Mary’s Church in Caterham.  The Reverend Frany Long conducted the service and there was a genuinely warm family atmosphere despite the rather cold conditions.  The children performed magnificently, especially the younger children in the KG, Year 1 and Year 2 of the Junior Choir.  The Senior Choir was, of course,  as professional as ever.  We were treated to the site of a magnificent array of Harvest gifts that were kindly donated by parents.  My thanks to Mrs Carter and Mrs Bassett for arranging their display and subsequent delivery to a Croydon Food Bank.   My sincere thanks to everybody involved and a special mention to Mrs Stevens for arranging the music and to Mrs Byers for her organ accompaniments.  The sun shone on us on that day and our walking train back to school provided a column of red clad happiness.

Mr Alex Gear