Welcome Back

A very Happy New Year to everyone as we start the Spring Term 2016.  On behalf of all of the staff I would like to thank you all for the lovely gifts that we were given at the end of last term.  Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.

There was a collection at the Nativity Play that was given to the Tadworth Chidlrens’ Trust.  A former pupil, Lewis Houlihan, has received treatment and care at the Tadworth Childrens’ Trust and we are pleased to report that he is doing well.   Alyssa Day, another former pupil, on hearing of Lewis’s circumstances stepped forward in order to begin a small fund raising campaign.  Alyssa, now a Caterham pupil, contacted us and we were able to contribute to her private fund raising campaign.  Alyssa actually spent time busking in Kingston.  We are very proud of Alyssa’s efforts and are delighted to report that at this time she has raised in excess of £620.00.

As you are aware we had our own fund raising activity at the end of last term in aid of St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley.  A number of families made very significant contributions for which we are very grateful.  Overall the total stands at £3,320.00.   Any outstanding monies will be gratefully received.  Mr Lawrie Mallyon and Nurse Julia will be coming in to school next week to collect a cheque on behalf of St Catherine’s Hospice.  As you may be aware this is a charity which is very close to my heart and so a special thank you to the children and to the whole school community for their tremendous efforts. A final word of thanks to Mrs Evans and Mrs Ashdown-Parkes for their superb help in running the sponsored swim.

Our Year 6s are on the brink of their entrance examination period and we wish them every success this term.

I end by thanking the whole school community for their help and support.  I know that the children across the whole school will continue to give of their best.

Mr Alex Gear