School Council visit to Wisley – 22nd February 2017

One of the ideas that was raised in our school council meeting was to have a butterfly garden at school.  The problem was that nobody on the council knew anything about attracting and looking after butterflies.  Mr Collman came up with the great idea that we could go and learn all about them at Wisley where they have a big butterfly exhibition in a huge glass dome.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t take the whole school, so all members of the School Council went on a fact finding mission to Wisley on Wednesday 22nd February.

At Wisley, we were very excited when we entered the massive dome greenhouse – it was hot, humid and sticky.  We spotted different butterflies and all picked our favourite.  My favourite was the owl butterfly because they were large and had markings that looked like an eye to scare off predators.

We learnt that butterflies eat pomegranate, water melon and orange.  They like bright vibrant colours like our school uniform which is why lots of us had butterflies landing on us.  One of the butterflies took a big liking to Mr A.

We are hopeful that back at school we will be able to create our own butterfly garden down by the MUGA this summer, so look out for progress shortly.

I would like to thank the whole School Council, Mr Collman for organising it and taking us around and Mr A for driving the minibus.

Megan S
School Council President