Year 5 Netball Match v Banstead – away Wednesday 11th October

On Wednesday 11th October, the Year 5 girls went to Banstead Prep for a netball match! When we arrived, we took our tracksuits off and started practicing. After 5 minutes of practicing, the game began. It was an Oakyhrst ball and we quickly got it down the court and scored. 1-0 to Oakyhrst. Then it was a Banstead Prep ball. They managed to get it half way down the court when Lily intercepted the ball who passed to me who passed to Alexandra who passed to Estée who passed to Aspen and scored. 2-0. It was my ball. I did a quick pass to Darcey who passed to Estée but it got intercepted by Banstead. They got it down to their shooting area but Mathilde got the ball and passed it down the court. But Banstead got the ball again, but as my partner was going to get the ball I intercepted and whacked it away. Oh no, it was going off court! So, I sprinted down the court and flicked the ball but on court just before it went off. Luckily Mathilde was there to catch ball and pass it down the court to score. 3-0.  Banstead ball. They got the ball but Alexandra intercepted the next pass and passed to Darcey who passed into the D and score! The first third was done.

The second third went well and they had changed players, but we still managed to score 6 goals to make it 10-0. We were very happy with ourselves so far. 10 goals was a great achievement but could we get more? We hoped so! Mrs Pumphrey and Mrs Sanchez seemed to be pleased with us so we kept our hopes high.

The third third we definitely kept our hopes high and scored 5 goals making it 15-0! Our new record! We were so happy with ourselves for such a great achievement! Team photo now! We would just like to say thank you Mrs Sanchez and Mrs Pumphrey for making this match possible! We thoroughly enjoyed it! And great teamwork girls!

Lea G

Netball Captain (Banstead Match)