2017-2018 School Council

Hi I’m Tamsin, I have recently been voted to be President of Oakhyrst Grange School.  I was extremely happy and proud when Mr Collman read out my name to sit in the traditional presidential chair.  I would like to make a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and I would like to let them know that they will not regret it!

The ideas that I have suggested to Oakhyrst are a Drama Club, Baking Club, Basketball Club and a club for contemporary dancers.  I know my club ideas seemed to have been popular, so I will try my best to make them possible.  I also think at lunchtime the kitchen should give more options so that us children can choose from a greater variety.  I also think that should be a rule for the drinks as well, so we don’t have to have water all the time.  We could also enjoy milkshakes, smoothies and squash.  Just imagine that! The next idea is a long shot but it’s always worth ago, so I was thinking about no homework at the weekends!  It would be great, everyone would love it! Less marking for the teachers, less stress on the children and the parents won’t have to embarrass themselves when they are trying to help their child but they are stuck on it as well.  Finally, I hope to achieve as much of the above as possible and that you all enjoy the magnificent year that lies ahead of us.

My team of Councillors are:

Joshua G and Ethan K, Vice Presidents, Darcey B and George K, Year 5, Paul G and Charlotte S, Year 4, Jasmine P and Healy D, Year 3, Maisie T and Shen W, Year 2, Daisy H and Zachary B, Year 1

Thank you for reading.

Tamsin F-H, Year 6 / School President