Table Tennis Match – Wednesday 8th November

Last Wednesday we had a table tennis match against the Hayes. Our team included Ethan H, Ethan K, Edward B and me. We split into A’s and B’s with Ethan H and I in the B’s and Edward and Ethan K in the A’s. Our A’s played their A’s and their B’s played our B’s. In the B’s Ethan H won one and lost one and I won both with us winning our doubles as well. In the A’s Ethan K won one and lost one and Edward lost both with their doubles losing as well. After that it was all square so our B’s played their A’s and our A’s played their B’s. After that the scores came in .In the first round our B’s won 4-1 with our A’s losing 4-1. In the second round our B’s lost 5-0 but our A’s won 5-0. In conclusion it was all a draw but I would like to thank Mrs Spicer for hosting it all and all the parents for coming to watch and support.

Sam G, Year 6