U10 Netball Match – Wednesday 15th November

On Wednesday 15th November, Mrs Pumphrey took the Year 5 girls to a netball match at Hawthorns school. When we got there we were led to the sports hall where we took our coats off and warmed up. During the first quarter we played extremely well and scored twelve goals whilst Hawthorns didn’t score any! We then all changed positions so that we had a different position to play for the match. We scored a further two goals in the second quarter. Hawthorns only managed to score one. We changed positions again and kept doing so after each match. The score was now fourteen one. Though during the third quarter we somehow didn’t manage to score any goals, but neither did they. Hawthorns started to mark up a bit more now but during the match we did manage to score a further two goals. They only scored two goals as well. The final score was sixteen three to us!

I would like to thank Mrs Pumphrey and Mrs Sanchez for making this match possible and the Year 5 girls for their excellent playing.

Mathilde G, Year 5