Able Writers Day at St Francis School – 1st December

On the 1st December 2017, Miss Dance took six of the year fives to the Able Writers day at St. Francis School. Brian Moses took our lessons for the day and he first told all of us to look in to a marble and to write down what we saw in it. It was just to warm our brains up! Then Mr Moses paired us up so that our partner was someone from another school. We had to insult each other using rhyming words and were not allowed to be too rude!  Actually it was easier than you think! But, of course, after that we had to complement each other once again using rhyming words. The bell rang after that so we all rushed outside to play before it was class again.

After the break Brian Moses told us he wanted us to write a love poem but no one wanted to do it, so Brian changed it slightly and said he wanted us to write an alien love poem. Twenty minutes later he asked us to stop writing. He read out some of the children’s poems and made good comments. I really enjoyed listening to the other poems and writing my own. Then we had to write I do not like to boast but… A few examples included:

  • I do not like to boast but I’ve climbed above a volcano.
  • I do not like to boast but Tottenham asked me if I would join them.
  • I do not like to boast but I’ve got a private jet.
  • I do not like to boast but I’ve got a Lamborghini and a Tesla.

After lunch we went back inside to do our final session. This activity was called cross-rhymes. Brian Moses explained to us that a cross-rhyme was when you write a poem, the rhyming word on the first line is at the end and on the second line the rhyming word had to be in the middle of the line.  After explaining this all to us and providing an example, Brian Moses told us we had to make up our own. Brian gave us a subject called “In All These Lives…” An example of a cross-rhyme poem is: “I fought by the side of Napoleon Bonaparte. I witnessed the funeral of Tutankhamun…” It was harder than we thought, but we managed in the end.

Sadly, it was now time to leave. Before we left though, we got to purchase some of Brian Moses’ books. Then Miss Dance insisted we had a picture with Brian Moses! After that, feeling like we had learnt a lot, we left to return back to school.

We would just like to say thank you to Miss Dance and St Francis School for making this possible and Mr Marek for driving us.

Also thank you to Brian Moses for teaching us so much!

We had a brilliant day and will be keeping everything in mind.  Our poems are on the parent portal under Year 5 class.

Mathilde G, Joseph F, Lea G Year 5