U11 Girls’ Hockey Tournament – Banstead Prep – 7th February 2018

On 7th February year 6 girls went off to Banstead prep to play a tournament. In the tournament we all performed very well, winning all but one of our matches.

On our first match we played very well.  Rianna/Clemmie were in attack. Everyone took it in turns to play in different positions, expect Tamsin who stayed in goal. Rianna scored the first goal in a long corner. We won 1-0.

On our second Elisabeth/Erin played up front for this one. Everyone made a lot of effort and in the end we scored a goal. In the end we won 1-0.

On our third match we played against Banstead Megan/Sophie played up front. The other team so Abi volunteered to go on their team and play striker. We started strongly, Sophie scoring the first goal it ended up as us losing 2-1.

In the last match Lara played striker before switching for Clemmie again. Elisabeth scored the first goal closely followed by Clemmie. This was a fantastic game! We ended up winning 2-0.

I would like to thank Miss Dance and Mrs Sanchez for taking us.

Lara  D, Yr 6

U11 Girls Hockey Captain