U10 Netball Tournament – away at Epsom College – 9.3.18

On Friday 9th March, the Year 5 girls went to Epsom College for a Netball Tournament.  We were hoping for a successful day and we were not disappointed coming back to school with a silver medal.  It was a tough tournament as we had to play 20 minutes matches all back to back.  We won our 1st match 18 -1 and the second 18 – 0 but we lost the third match against Roche 4 – 10.  We started to feel a bit tired but it was time for the semi-final!!!  We were against Mickelfield and won 4-3 during a really tense game.  For the final, we played Roche again. Unfortunately, we lost 8-14 but we gave all the energy we had left.  Well done to Lana who won player of the tournament for Oakhyrst. So well deserved!!!

We had a fantastic time and we would like to thank Miss Dance and Mrs Sanchez for their support and coaching as well as driving us there.  Thanks a lot to all the parents who came to support us.

Lea G, Year 5 Netball Captain