U10 Girls Hockey v Hawthorns – 14.3.18

On a bright and sunny afternoon, Wednesday 14th March, the girls started off enthusiastically with plenty of early attacking phases from Estee, Lily-Mae and Aspen. A great combination of passes together enabled Estee to score her first goal of the afternoon.

Mathilde, Darcey, Lana and Lea all worked brilliantly together in defence to tackle Hawthorns and regain back possession. More strong periods of play led to goals from Estee and Aspen in the first half.

After a short half time break, we started the second half. The girls continued to work hard on the various elements of the game whilst thinking carefully about the execution of their skills and working effectively as a team.

Hawthorns had more attacking plays in the second half which tested our defence and led to a short corner being awarded to our opposition. With Alexandra making her debut in goal, we successfully defended the short corner and enabled Alexandra to complete her first clean sheet.

Hawthorns continued to challenge our defence throughout the rest of the game but the girls worked hard right up to the final whistle and ended the game with a win.

Well done girls. I am very proud of your hard work and efforts.

Miss F Dance