Big Fat Geography Quiz – Caterham School 16.3.18

On Friday 16th March, Estée, Lea, Joseph, Mathilde, Ethan and Darcey from Year 5 and Adam, Sebastian, Tristan, Paul, Charlotte and I from Year 4, went to Caterham School for a Geography Quiz. In preparation for the quiz, both years had done some quizzes in class. They were really fun but quite hard. When we got to the quiz, there were nine teams. It was a really tight quiz with the Year 4 team coming a really good joint first place with one of the Caterham teams. The Year 4s were so happy, but then the happiness was broken when the man in charge called for a tie breaker to see who would take the trophy home. The question was “To the nearest metre, how tall is Mount Everest?” The year 4s had answered that question in our recent assembly on mountains, so we knew the exact answer! We won the event and received the trophy.

We all had a lot of fun. Thank you to Mrs Leyshon and Mr Burke for taking us.

By Seanna C, Year 4