Hockey Club Tournament v Elmhurst School – 22.3.18

It was the final session of the term for Hockey Club on Thursday 22nd March and as our tradition continues we always finish with a big tournament, inviting our family and friends to come and join us so we can show them all of our skills that we have developed throughout the term. This time we were also lucky to be able to invite Elmhurst School over to join us in the tournament.

The OGS children were split into three teams whilst Elmhurst brought over two teams. We all played in a range of 6-a-side mini games. There was a fantastic standard of hockey on show, with a range of skills being demonstrated with confidence and flair. The effort and teamwork displayed by all of our pupils was outstanding and it was a very enjoyable tournament to finish the term with.

Thank you to Mr Burke and Mrs Sanchez for all of their help this term with our Hockey Club.

Miss F Dance