Year 5 Trip to Penshurst Place

This term during our History lessons, the Year 5 children have been learning about Queen Elizabeth, The Spanish Armada and King Charles. On Friday 16th March 2018, the class travelled to Penshurst Place near Tonbridge for a Queen Elizabeth and Spanish Armada themed day. Throughout the morning  we enjoyed many different workshops. The children got to meet Queen Elizabeth and ask her questions about her life. The class learnt about various musical instruments used during this time whilst also practising their dancing. The children met a cook and we discussed foods that were consumed during this historic period along with the types of drinks that were available.  Later on during the morning, the children were given the opportunity to learn about the types of weapons that may have been used during the Spanish Armada.

Estée – ‘I found the bagpipes very interesting because I enjoyed the sound that they made and was able to learn about the technique used to play them.’

George – ‘I enjoyed when the doctor taught us all about what happened when people got injured during this period of time.’

Declan – ‘I liked holding the musket as I had never held one before. It was very heavy! Penshurst Place is a tremendous place.’

Written by Miss Dance and the Year 5 Class