Public Speaking Competition – Epsom College Thursday 26th April

On Thursday 26th March Mrs Leyshon took Lea, Mathilde and I to a Public Speaking competition at Epsom College.

There were ten groups in total, all from different schools, we were number seven on the list (just after the refreshment break).

We enjoyed listening to the other pupil’s speeches and my favourite speech was by Lanesborough School called ‘Human Evolution’.

Our speech was called ‘Friends of the Forest’ and was about the benefits to children of outdoor learning and playing outdoors on a daily basis.  When it was our turn to go and speak we were all a bit nervous but we managed tokeep the nerves under control.  I was the first to speak (the chair) then Mathilde (the main speaker) then Lea (the vote of thanks).

We all received some good feedback and all in all I think we did a very good job even though we did not win anything.

On behalf of Lea & Mathilde, I would like to thank Mrs Leyshon for taking us and giving us the opportunity to attend the event and represent Oakhyrst Grange School.

Joseph F, Year 5