Tamsin is tipped for the Top

On Monday 14th May Miss Tamsin F-H stepped up to the plate and became Mr Gear’s Apprentice for the day.  Tamsin began her day with a leadership discussion with Mr Gear outlining the day’s activities.  This was followed by a 15 minute telephone conversation with Julie Robinson, who is the General Secretary of the Independent Schools Council (ISC). The ISC Board oversees and speaks on behalf of the independent sector across the country.

Tamsin’s next duty was to host the school assembly.  She was very complimentary toward the X-Factor Orchestra and initiated the hymn singing and the formal prayers at the end of the assembly.   After assembly Mr Gear and Tamsin went across to Lingfield College for a tour of the school with a Senior Prefect.  She stopped off to renew her acquaintance with the Director of Music and passed on her compliments at the success of the two concerts she had attended in recent months.  This was followed by morning coffee with Mr Bool the Headmaster and there was a triangular discussion, led by Tamsin, about the importance of drama and music in a school.

Tamsin then returned to school where she led the grace at lunch time and facilitated staff announcements.   After lunch Tamsin did a tour of the classrooms in order to find out what is going on in each and every year group.  She then gave very positive feedback to Mr Gear who was impressed by her close scrutiny.

The day concluded with a summing up of the day’s events and Mr Gear congratulated Tamsin on being an excellent Apprentice.