U11 Girls’ Rounders v Warlingham Park 6th June 2018

On Wednesday 6th of June, Mrs Pumphrey took all the Year 6 girls to Warlingham Park School for a rounders match. Both teams had two innings, each of 27 balls.

Oakhyrst Grange won the toss and chose to field first. In the first innings Warlingham Park managed to gain 4 whole rounders, we also managed to get some wickets as well. Our bat was next and we as a team managed to get 5 ½ rounders.

It was now Warlingham Park’s second innings. They played very well and gained a lot in this innings. They got another 7 rounders. In the last innings we scored 4 ½ rounders. Unfortunately it all came down to the amount of wickets we had lost.

At the end Warlingham Park had total of 11 rounders and Oakhyrst Grange had a total of 10 rounders. It had been a close game but unfortunately we were off by a rounder.

I would like to thank Mrs Pumphrey for transporting and umpiring our team.

Rianna P, U11 Rounders Captain