ESSA National Championships – 16th June 2018

Super proud!

The OGS ESSA team (Oliver D, Ethan K, Aspen P, Lily-Mae O) travelled to Sheffield to compete in both the Medley and Freestyle relays for the South East Region. All races had three heats, the top 16 schools would swim again in either the A or B finals. Our first race was the Medley Relay and we were drawn in heat 3. With not much time to recover, the team were off again swimming in the A final with the best schools in the country. We came 6th overall.

With a short break, our next race was the Freestyle relay. This time we were in heat 1. We qualified for the b final with the 9th fastest time. The competition was so close. We won our B final with a thrilling finale, pipping the 2nd place position by 4/10ths of a second!!!

Thank you to all our amazing supporters travelling across the country to be part of our special day and you win the prize for the noisiest cheering!

Well done

Mrs M Evans
Swimming Coach