U8 Netball Match v Caterham School – Tuesday 25th September

Tuesday 25th September saw the U8 girls play their first ever netball match. The team was Sophie D, Evie F, Isabella G, Ciara H, Cassie J, Claudia L, Alexandra M, Daisy O, Sabrina P, Emma R, Emily S, Maisie T, Ava W and Ellen H from Year 4 as Eleanor A was off sick. We played a red and blue team and used the opportunity to have a training game as this would have been their first ever netball match.

The girls quickly got into the swing of things and remembered what they had learnt in their lessons. Their passing was excellent and they did their best to try and find space. We finished with some excellent shooting from Isabella G and though it was a training game and we were not counting the goals; I was assured by the parents that we had won!

Well done girls.

Mrs P Pumphrey
Head of Sport