Congratulations to Darcey B for winning East Surrey WW1 Centenary poem competition

Sam Gymiah, MP held a 100 Years On: Remembering East Surrey’s Role in the Great War Campaign and we entered some themed poems written by Years 5 and 6 and letters from Years 3 and 4.  Darcey B, Year 6’s poem was selected for entry into the special commemorative book.

Here is Darcey’s poem:

One hundred years since the guns fell silent,
Oh, how we remember the war, so violent.
The repetitive sounds of the guns in their ears,
All across their faces, bloody smears.
Dead bodies all over the floor,
Begging, praying, ‘Please no more’
Muddy trenches where they slept
That was the place where they secretly wept.
Sharp as a thorn, the barbed wire lay
The war ground on, day after day.
A fatigued, listless faded air,
Everyone, in need of desperate care.
We will never forget them, they were so brave
Each soldier that died, each life that was saved.
The poppy is worn with pride each November
Lest we never forget, we will always remember.


Well done Darcey.

Mr Alex Gear