Bushcraft 2018

When we arrived at Bushcraft we were all extremely excited for our days ahead. We were welcomed by one of our camp leaders, Jolly James who showed us to our tents. We were divided into two tribes, the Kikiwakas with Andy, and the Woodsnappers with Carmella. Each night we got to choose if we wanted to sleep in the shelters we had made or in the tents.

We played a variety of different, exciting games for example; capture the lantern where we had to sneak up on whoever was holding the lantern without getting caught. We also played animal splat, where people were acting out animals which was very funny.

Throughout the week our chef Maria cooked us lots of delicious meals. This included; a full English breakfast and pizza cooked in an outdoor oven. We also cooked our own burgers on fires that we made.

We also did a first aid activity; we had to rescue Mr Burke and Carmella from a plane crash which was about to explode! We had to bandage them up and reassure them.

We would all like to give a big thank you to Mr Burke and Miss Dance, it was the best trip ever!

Charlotte S, Year 5