Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow – Winter Floral Festival 1st and 2nd December 2018

On Saturday 1st December, I entered a flower display competition. I had to create a display that best represents our school so on the Wednesday before, my mum and I went to get some flowers. On Friday, the day before the competition, I made the display. I made the display so that every flower or plant represented something in our school.

 Sunflowers represent our teachers,

Red gerberas are the older children of the school,

Smaller yellow flowers are the younger children,

Hypericum are the children in the lower school.

The acorns are the children yet to join our school,

The acorns are from a tree in the school grounds.

The ivy represents the love, care and kindness we receive from the teachers and each other.

With my sisters and my mum, we went to visit the church where all the flower displays were being kept for judging. All the displays were beautiful and it was really fun creating the display.

Lana C, Year 6