Gary Andrews, Artist visit Friday 1st March 2019

On Friday the 1st March, an artist named Gary Andrews came to our school for an art workshop. He taught us about the structure of our drawings.

He told us that it is good to draw a rough layout for characters or animals, to get a sense of movement in the drawing. He showed us how to do it by giving examples of people running and jumping. We all had a go at drawing a person or animal with three or more stages of movement. First, we drew the base of the character. Next we did two or three more movements of what the character would do next e.g. a person jumping off a building, curling into a ball and then landing on their feet.

Near the end of the lesson, Mr Andrews showed us how to draw a face. He told us that it is about where everything fits. He said that when you start drawing a face you should draw a faint line through the middle; which is where you put the eyes. Then put a faint line under the eyes, in order to then draw the nose and then put the ears in between both the eyes and the nose. To finish it off, put the mouth under the nose.

We all enjoyed our art lesson with Mr Andrews – we learnt lots of exciting and interesting facts to improve our art skills.

We thank Mr Gear and Mrs O’Sullivan for organising this workshop with Mr Andrews for us.

Sebastian D

Year 5