Off Curriculum World Book Days – 7th and 8th March

On Thursday 7th and Friday 8th March it was World Book Days and Years 4 to 6 were split vertically into 4 groups.  I was in group 2 and the first teacher we went to was Miss Plant.  The book she did was Macbeth.  First we read the first chapter and then we went down to the BWA Hall and got into pairs. Miss Plant told us to act 5 freeze frames of the first battle between Scotland and Norway. After 10 minutes of rehearsing we showed it to everybody else.

Next we went to Mrs Leyshon and sat down in pairs.  Her book was the ‘Little Red Ant and the Big Crumb’. First Mrs Leyshon read us the book and we used the iPads to create a video about Mexican animals and wildlife. Then again we showed them around to each other.

After break we went to see Mrs O’Sullivan where we were put into groups of four. Mrs O’Sullivan showed us a clip of her book which was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Then we had an option of what we wanted to do and our group chose to make a large 2D sea with a 3D submarine being attacked by a 2D octopus.

After lunch we went to Miss Dance where she asked us to make squares on the floor with exactly 90 degree angles. Miss Dance used a poem called ‘The Magic Box’.  Once we read that we were told to write down our eight favourite things.  Two favourite sights, two favourite sounds and two favourite tastes onto pieces of paper. Then we put these inside our square.  After that we started to write a poem about our favourite things but sadly the end of the day came too soon and we had to finish.

When the next morning came we went to Miss Plant first.  We read a bit more of Macbeth then went to the hall and got into groups of 5. In our groups we had to decide who were going to be the 3 witches and who was going to be Macbeth and Banquo.  Then we had to act the lines we were given.

Next we went to Mrs Leyshon’s classroom we sat down in a circle.  Mrs Leyshon had a different book this time, the Borrowers. The first thing we did was read the passage and watch a short video of the Borrowers.  Then we were split into two groups. One group were trying to convince Arietty, the girl from the Borrowers, to go borrowing and the other group were trying to convince her not to go borrowing.

After break we went to Mrs O’Sullivan and got into our groups.  We continued with our Under the Sea artworks. We were making our 2D giant squid and lots of 2D colourful fish and we finished our 3D submarine.  We then added lots of glitter to our ocean and painted our squid a deep red.  We then put all our work on the racks to dry before lunch.

After our lovely lunch we went to our final teacher Miss Dance.  We were asked to stand somewhere in the room and whilst she was reading the poem we acted it out.  Following that we sat down and finished our poems.  Then we drew our favourite things on a net of a cube and then folded it into a cube.  Then unfortunately it was time to go home.

Charlotte S, Year 5