World Book Days – 7th and 8th March

2019 World Book Days were on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th March and in school throughout the day. Years 4 to 6 experienced 4 different teachers with lots of fun activities.

With Mrs Leyshon we began by reading ‘The Little Red Ant and the Big Crumb’ which was a Mexican fable. After reading this we created iMovies on Mexican plants and animals.  The next day with Mrs Leyshon we then focussed on a new book called ‘the Borrowers’ and we acted out a scene from the story in two separate groups.  We also did a ‘decision alley’ which is where you make two lines of people, one line arguing that something should be done and one arguing that it shouldn’t.  After you have set this up one person has to walk down the aisle slowly and every person they pass whispers a reason towards their argument.

With Mrs O’Sullivan we were focussing on a book called ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea’. We created a new cover for the book and a 3D model of Nautilus and of the Squid.  On the second day we painted the models and we also made a sea backdrop.

With Miss Dance on the first day we were asked to make squares on the floor out of masking tape. After this we put in it 8 small pieces of white paper with our favourite things on them, two small pieces of yellow paper with our favourite tastes on them, two small pieces of green paper with our favourite sights on them and two small pieces of orange paper with our favourite sounds on them. Then inspired by the poem ‘The Magic Box’ we made our own poems with our favourite things in it. On the second day we created our magic boxes and for each line we drew something resembling it on our box, we also acted out the poems which was fun.

With Miss Plant, who focussed on Macbeth, we had fun both reading the book and acting it. On day one we acted out the battle between Scotland and Norway. After reading half the book and on day two we acted out the scene where the witches prophesise Macbeth’s future after finishing the book.

Overall everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves at Oakhyrst 2019 World Book Days.

Christopher S, Year 6