The Big Fat Geography Quiz – 15th March 2019

On the 15th of March 2019, once again Caterham School hosted the Big Fat Geography Quiz.  Seanna, Adam , Sebastian, Charlotte and I from Year 5 and Finn,  Millie, Sam, Jacob , Joshua and Chloe from Year 4 represented the school.

There were around 12 teams in total and we were asked 60 questions including landmarks, flags, country outlines and general facts about the world especially the UK.  There was even a question about a politician – that’s not very geographical!

 We worked well as a team but found the last section challenging.  It was a nail biting experience as we all awaited the final results. Up to the final round our team was in the lead.  But in the end the Year 5 team came 2nd with 1 point away from the winning team and the Year 4 team drew for 4th place. 

It was a very exciting afternoon with many parents and teachers supporting us.  We had fun stimulating our brains.

I will leave you with 1 of the questions to ponder about. Where is the largest volcano in the solar system?

Kiana R, Year 5