Royal Russell School – Computing Enrichment Day – 28th March

On Thursday 28th March, Amberley, Finn and I from Year 4 went to Royal Russell School for a computing enrichment day. Mr Marek and Mrs Gorman took us on the school minibus. When we arrived, we went down to the Junior School and went into the hall and after about 10 minutes, the whole thing started.

The IT teacher started to talk to all the schools there and explain what activities we were going to do: Makey Makey, Pixel art, Raspberry pi, Bloxels, BBC Coding, and at the very end we would do a Scratch debugging session.

My favourite activity was the Pixel Art. We had to make a picture on the computer and everything came out as pixels. We then had to draw everything slightly differently in another frame to create a moving picture. I drew Pikachu with lightning bolts coming out of him.

At the end, we had to de-bug the Scratch game lots of times. It was actually really hard. We had a quick play in the playground before Mr Marek drove us all the way back to school.

I was so happy to have such a fun day out. Thank you to Mrs Gorman and Mr Marek for taking us.

Healy D, Year 4