Maths Challenge – Royal Russell School – 1st May 2019

On the 1st May, the OGS Year 5 team (Paul, Aimee, Vivienne and I) went to the Annual Maths Challenge at Royal Russell School where we competed against nineteen other school teams.

There were four rooms and in each room  there were two physical shape puzzles and one sheet of written questions. Most of the questions were as hard as rock and only a handful, not even that, were easy!

By the last challenge question section, groups were pinging so many ideas back and forth within their teams, the shine of the lightbulbs was brilliant! After we had finally finished the last set of questions, we carried our tired brains to the Great Hall, with serried rows of benches for the children and parents to sit and enjoy the Challenge Tea.

When we found out our results our dreams became a bit dilapidated since we came somewhere in the sixteen schools that did not finish in the top three, but nevertheless we all clapped encouragingly.

The afternoon was extremely exciting, and we learnt lots of new techniques to help us with Maths problems.

Robyn L-O, Year 5.​