Years 3 & 4 outing to the Observatory Science Centre at Herstmonceaux

On Thursday 23rd May, Years 3 and 4 went to the Observatory Science Centre at Herstmonceaux. It took a long time to get there on the coach, but it was well worth the journey! There was lots to do there. We had a telescope tour, made two types of bridges which we could actually walk over and investigated lots of things in the hands-on science area. We really enjoyed the outdoor discovery park and water discovery area too, especially as it was such a lovely day! We watched a science show all about sound before we got on the bus for the journey back to school.

Claudia (Y3) said, “The corridor had lots of things to do. There was a vacuum seat. You went on the seat and pressed two buttons and you went up in the air!”

Finley (y4) said, “The water park was the best. Thank you for our lovely trip.”

Emily (Y3) said, “I really, really liked the water park and making the water go around the water cycle.”

Ellen (Y4) said, “On the telescope tour, Jeremy showed us how the roof opened and turned so that it was in the right direction for the telescope. I would like to go back to Herstmonceaux.”

Syan (Y3) said, “Hertmonceaux was great. I loved how scientific it was. It was the best trip ever! My favourite things were the telescopes – they were massive!”