Enterprise Technology Workshop at Croydon High School – 9th May

On Thursday 9th May, Year 4 and 5 girls went to Croydon High School for an Enterprise Technology Workshop. Firstly, we all had to design robots that did something for you. Afterwards, we got split into separate groups of year 4 and 5 . Year 5 went to do Music coding. We had to follow some steps (like Scratch) to make the song ‘  Frere Jacques’ go in a round.

Then we had a snack break. We had delicious biscuits with juice.  After we had finished, we rushed back to a different room. This time we were doing some games. First of all, my group controlled robots,  we made them pick up bricks and put them down again.

Secondly, we went to do virtual reality. We had to draw something whilst in VR. Finally, we played Tetris controlled by watermelons. We had an amazing day!

Sophie P, Year 5