U11 Cricket v Elmhurst – Wednesday 5th June

On Wednesday 5 June Year 6 boys played a cricket match against Elmhurst School.

Each side starts with 200 runs and then any runs scored are added to this amount and when any wickets are taken 5 runs are deducted from the score. 8 boys each bowled 1 over (6 balls).

I was captain and won the toss, so we decided to bowl first.

I opened the bowling and got a wicket in the first over, hitting the stumps with a spin bowl. George then followed with another wicket on the 2nd over by him bowling it and then ADD NAME catching it. Daniel was the next bowler to get a wicket hitting the wickets with and amazing pace ball straight down the wicket and right into middle stump.

Elmhurst continued to score runs throughout the overs and ended up with a total of about 250 runs.

Then it was our turn to bat. Our first pair was George and I. We started off really well by getting a few singles and one boundary but unfortunately not long after we got out twice in a row and then once more. Then Daniel and James came in and got about 7 6s altogether but they both got out on the last two balls. During the next few pairs we got some more runs and got about 2 more wickets unfortunately and ended up with a total of 234, which means we lost by about 15 runs.

The whole team still enjoyed it and we want to thank Miss Dance for organising the match and Elmhurst for coming and giving us a great game.

Joseph F, Year 6