Diwali Celebrations

For the Year 3 art lesson the children, with the help of Mrs Sathananthan created pretty lanterns and decorated star shaped jewel boxes.

Year 3 coloured, glittered and stuck to make candle lanterns which reflected light from the mirrored paper.  The children were very attentive and even mixed gold and pink glitter to create a rose-gold effect!

They are very dazzling.  You can admire them in the foyer outside the main Cameron Hall.

Today,  Tuesday 19th November, Mr Nabhi Das, joined us to take our whole school assembly on the festival of Diwali.  The children were thoroughly engaged and asked some very interesting questions.

Thank you very much to Mr Das for joining us today.

Miss Jennie Cockbain, RE Co-ordinator and Miss Rosie Hillyard, Art Teacher