U8 Hockey Match v Hawthorns – Tuesday 21st January

On Tuesday 21st January, 10 people from Year 3 went to the Hawthorns School to play two hockey matches.  Everyone played very well, the man of the match for the first game was Zachary and Florence was the woman of the match in game two.  Oakhyrst won both matches.  The first game Oakhyrst won 2-1, Zachary and Bertie scored and finally for the second game Zachary, Bertie, Joseph, Oscar and Jai scored the 5 goals to win 5-0.  Everyone played a key role and those people were Oscar, Bertie, Jai, Zachary, Joseph, Alex, Amala, Florence and Maxim.  We picked their woman of the match and then we had a brilliant match tea.

Thank you for the supporters and the Teachers at the Hawthorns and Miss Harrington.  It was a day we will never forget.

Zachary B and Oscar S, Year 3