U9 Football Tournament – away at Caterham Saturday 25.9.21

We all arrived at the venue for 8:45am to meet Mr Steel and Mr Burke. Shortly after a team talk, we started our warm-up. The first game was approaching us fast.

We kicked off our first game of the tournament and the ball kept getting pushed back into our half. It was hard to gain possession to have any sort of counter attack. At half time, we discussed getting our head up and playing the ball quickly. Sadly, we lost the game.

Our second game we improved a lot. We were much hungrier for the ball and closed down the spaces around us better. We were getting tired quickly as the other team were keeping the ball very well.

The third round game we were good. We had the job of getting closer to the attacks, which was instructed by Mr Steel. This seemed to work really well but we were getting tired like the last game. Even though we lost the game, we gave it our all.

Our fourth and final game was playing in the plate semi-final against Banstead. We seemed very nervous and scared a little bit but we gave a good go. Even though they scored, we did not give up. We did not win, but as a team, we played really well. We watched the final of the plate and all attended the presentation. We didn’t get any medals but a big thank you to Mr Steel and Mr Burke.

Vincent N, Year 4