U11 Football Tournament at Caterham School – Saturday 9th October

On Saturday 9th October 2021, Oakhyrst Grange School went to an U11 football tournament at Caterham Prep School. The people who were part of the team were; Antoine, Calvin, Oscar, Brodie, Jai, Alex, Evie and Joseph. When we arrived there, we were all motivated and determined by the talks that Mr Steel and Mr Burke gave. This gave us the biggest of smiles.

At the start we had a warm-up with the footballs and Alex was doing some extra goalkeeping practise with Mr Burke. We had a team meeting and found out who was playing where. This didn’t stay the same as Mr Steel moved people into different positions. I was put into defence which was one of the most important jobs. Alex was in goal, I had a partnership with Joseph, Calvin and Evie were in midfield and Brodie started off as striker while Oscar was a sub.

The matches were very tough, but we managed to play as a team by trying and doing the things we’ve been taught and told. We kept saying positive and supporting each other the whole way through. At the end, we were all exhausted and tired. Even though we didn’t win anything, we gave it our all. Mr Steel and Mr Burke took the team off into the goal to have a team photo.

By Antoine G Year 6