ISA National Swimming Championships – Sunday 28th November at the Olympic Pool, London

On Sunday 28th November on a very cold and frosty morning, Emily S, Year 5 Joseph L, Year 5 and me, Scarlett K from Year 4 were all racing at the ISA National Swimming finals at the Olympic swimming pool in Stratford London.

The pool was so big, with loads of seating for spectators, it was bigger than my swimming club pool, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so excited to race against all the Year 4 children from all over the country.

The first race for the 3 of us was the Year 4 girls breaststroke followed by the boys Year 4 breaststroke. Joseph and I were taken to the call room with the other swimmers who were racing, we waited patiently row by row for our races to be called.

As I came out on poolside, I could hear the cheering from the crowd. The whistle blew and we climbed onto the blocks. “Take your marks”…..”Go” I could hear the crowd scream, I thought I was in the lead, faster and faster I swam until I touched the wall and looked back to see all the other swimmers behind me, GOLD!! I could see Mrs Evans and the London South team cheering and clapping on the side, it was an amazing feeling.

Next was Joseph, “Go” and he was off, there were some really faster swimmers in his race, he worked so hard and swam so well, coming in in 5th place, he had a great swim.
Emily was the last of us to swim before lunch, Year 5 girls backstroke, she was so fast and swam a great race against some really good swimmers, coming in 4th place just missing out on 3rd position, she was amazing and couldn’t have worked any harder.

In the afternoon Joseph and I raced our front crawl races, Joseph tried really hard in a tight race and finished in a brilliant 4th place. I was so excited for my race and swam as fast as I could, I was so proud of myself for finishing in 2nd position against a strong group of girls.

The ISA swimming finals was so much fun and Mrs Evans said how proud of us she was. It was fantastic to have such a fun experience with Emily and Joseph, I really hope to be there again next year.

Scarlett K, Year 4