School Uniform

All pupils are expected to take a pride in their personal appearance. All clothing and personal belongings need to be clearly named and should be well maintained and suitable for their purpose.  All our uniform is supplied by Ellis Scott Schoolwear in Reigate.  Uniform requirements for boys and girls are available from the School Office or the Parent Portal of the website. Ellis Scott Schoolwear uniform shop is available via this link:

Hairstyles should be neat and sensible. Boys hair should be no shorter than a number 3 and should sit above the collar. Girls hair, where long enough to do so, should be tied back at all times. The use of gel or wax is strictly forbidden, as is the use of hair colourants.

With the exception of religious jewellery and a named watch (smart watches strictly prohibited), this must be removed for Games and PE, jewellery of any kind is strictly forbidden for boys and girls. Nail varnish is also not acceptable.

Mufti Days

Please note that the Parents Association (PFOG), occasionally hold mufti-days within the school to raise money for charity. On these occasions, clothing should be suitable (ie no shoes with high or platform heels or full football kits).