Epsom College Public Speaking Competition Success

On Thursday 16th March, the three of us, Akash, Annabel and Surina excitedly walked through the big oak doors of Epsom College for the public speaking competition. It felt like hours as we listened to the excellent speeches before the break. We enjoyed some delicious biscuits and then sat down again for the second half. Then it was finally our turn. There were shivers running down our spines like electricity running down a cable. There were one hundred pairs of eyes on us. Annabel started with her spectacular introduction, and then Surina followed before Akash gave the vote of thanks. Afterwards, we took a big sigh of relief and sat down. After what felt like hours, the judge finally stood up to give us all feedback. Joy filled up inside us as she announced, “The most entertaining talk of the evening goes to the Oakhyrst Orators.” We were amazed, awestruck. We just couldn’t believe it. We went home with joyous smiles on our faces!
Annabel, Surina and Akash Year 5

A big thank you to Annabel, Surina and Akash, who did the most amazing job! ”Just hilarious”, “great teamwork”, “very composed” and “excellent job”, were just some of the phrases the judge used in her feed back to our team on the evening. You were amazing and I was incredibly proud!

Mrs Leyshon
English Coordinator