Amaaya and Daniel’s amazing Swimathon – Sunday 14th May

Five of us went to the Swimathon.  We chose blue hats.  So far we have raised £400 for Cancer Research.  Our friends were Layla, Avani and Albi.

We did 1.5km but the last 9.5 we did with kickboards.  1.4km is 60 lengths of a 25m pool.  The parents supported us the whole way.

The last 2 lengths we did a chain (holding hands).  The parents took lots of photos.  At the end we got handed medals.

After the swim we had a picnic. We played sports, had fun and shared food.  We did mini competitions. We were tired but enjoyed the morning. We were amazed at how much money we raised.  The numbers are still increasing.  We had lots of fun.

By Amaaya P and Daniel H, Year 4