ISA U11 Boys’ Hockey Tournament away Tuesday 1st February 2022

On Tuesday 1st February we travelled to Lea Valley Stadium to compete in the ISA U11 Boys’ Hockey Tournament.

We started with some practising with some push passes and some more hockey skills. We all gathered together chatting about the key things we need to remember.

BEEP! The match started and our team rushed straight for the ball to pressure them. Antoine immediately tackled one of our opponents and dragged in into the opponents goal, but sadly he was tackled and the ball did not go in. A few minutes later the matched ended 0-0 (Oakhyrst v St. Anselms)

BEEP! The second match started and we were dribbling the ball around, but they tackled us and Syan, who was a defender, sadly got tackled and they scored. Zach, who was our striker, rushed in and got the ball, while the other opponents tackled him and scored, Zach went in again and he scored! The game ended 3-1 to New Hall.

The rest of the matches were good and sometimes bad. We won some but also lost some. We finished the tournament coming fourth in total and we were all happy, but also a little sad that we didn’t get any medals coming third.

We ended a brilliant day watching the rest of the matches then went onto the minibus back to school so we could be proudly sent home.

Calvin R, Year 6 Reporter