ISA London South Cross Country Championships – Friday 4th March 2022

The Oakhyrst Grange Cross-Country team took part in the yearly ISA London South Cross-County regional competition on Friday 4th March. We arrived at the venue focused and determined to achieve the best results possible. After a light warm-up, the U9 girls took their places first. It was a very intense race, but a big well done to Vivienne (4th), Scarlett (5th) and Millie (8th). They finished in the top 10 meaning they qualified for the Nationals on the 19th March. Next were the U9 boys. Yet again, very difficult race, but well done to Beau (10th) who also qualified for the Nationals.

After a short break it was the U11 Girls Race. Our girls looked driven for success and thankfully we had a few that qualified. A massive well done to Daisy (2nd), Holly (6th) and to Evie (7th). For the final race of the day we had the U11 boys. It looked like a good battle between the schools racing with the final section of the course being so close in positions, but a big well done to Zachary (7th) for qualifying.

After all that running and tired looking faces we attended the final part of the day which was the presentation. A massive well done to the U9 and U11 girls for being the overall team winners in their race! It was the team with the lowest amount of points, which was marked on placings in their races.

Massive congratulations to everyone who took part in the event and for representing Oakhyrst Grange brilliantly.

Mr James Steel
Head of Sport