Caterham School Round the World Geography Quiz

On Friday 18th March, two teams from Oakhyrst Grange School took part in the Caterham School Round the World Geography Quiz. Both teams had prepared well, and it showed, only being a few marks behind the eventual winners.

The Year 4 team of Akash S, Elissa L, Connie H, Hartley B, Clara J and Surina R won the play-doh round, where teams were asked to make a model of the structure of the earth. They worked together really well as a team and won a set of geography books for their efforts.

The team from year 5 were Oscar S, Lilia S, Elena H, Kasra K and Daisy H. Both teams had a really enjoyable time at this annual event, and it was good to be back at Caterham after two years away due to COVID restrictions.

Well done to both teams and thank you for all your revision and preparation.

Mrs Leyshon

Year 4 Teacher