Scarlett’s amazing ISA National Triathlon success – Friday 13th May 2022

On Friday 13th May, I was lucky enough to compete at the ISA national triathlon at Ipswich High School.

There were over 150 children at the event ranging from from Tristart (8yrs) all the way up to youth (16+yrs). It was a little nerve wracking to have to go into the transition area and rack my bike and organise my things, luckily I had a friend from another school who is a little
older to help me.

The triathlon for my age group consisted of a 150m swim, a 2k bike ride and a 1.2k run.

We all nervously lined up outside the swimming pool waiting for our category (Tristar 1,     9-10yrs) to start, there were around 48 children in my age group.  This was my first triathlon and I was really nervous of the transition, but once I started the race it was fine.

I swam as hard as I could to give myself lots of time in the transition area, and managed to get on my bike and off I rode. It was pretty windy but that didn’t matter too much.

After lots of hard work, running the final 1.2k run, it was time to sit and wait for the results to come in. I was so happy to find out I had won a silver medal, 2nd in the girls category and 4th overall.

It was such a great day and I can’t wait to do my next Triathlon.

Scarlett K Year 4.