Triathlon Fund Raiser for Ukraine – 26th June 2022

On the 26th June, Joseph and Joshua L completed a triathlon with some of their school friends following a fundraising initiative the boys started to raise money for Ukraine. Their class mates, were so inspired they joined the fundraising initiative and joined the boys doing their first triathlon. The following children took part with the boys:

Year 3 – Jessica H, Milan P, Vivienne L, Ania S, Amaaya P, Beau P, Ethan F, Ilana N, Daniel H

Year 4 – Surina R

Year 5 – Daisy H, Saanya P, Amala S, Brodie P, Elena H

Kiana R ex Oakhyrst Pupil

The triathlon was at Trinity School. It was a great morning and a very well organised event. Joseph and Joshua wanted to give all their friends a special shout out and say thank you for joining them in their fundraising! All the children completed the triathlon and they were all buzzing at the end! A few other children, Ayush and Shreya S, Jude M and Emily S, we’re unable to do the triathlon so they are doing alternative events over the summer to raise money.

For Joseph and Joshua this is not the end of their challenge. This was the first of 3 triathlons they set out to do, to raise money for the people of Ukraine. Two Justgiving pages were set up, due to the boys doing 3 events. However they are set up as a team so the money goes into one collective pot. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored either of the Justgiving pages it is greatly appreciated. If you would like to sponsor the boys to continue their onward journey please see the Justgiving page below:

Or if you would like to give to the other just giving page for the mighty acorns team is:

On behalf of the boys and all the children thank you so much. They have done amazingly with your support.

Mr & Mrs Longley