Superstars – ISA U11 National Swimming Gala – Saturday 3rd December

Yesterday 5 children ( Daisy H, Emily S, Scarlett K, Joseph L & Joshua L) took part in the ISA National Finals at the London Aquatic Centre, home of the 2012 Olympics, forming part of the London South team.

After a week of illness and touch and go whether all 5 children would be able to swim, they all took part and swam amazingly. Scarlett was the first to swim for the OGS children and what a race she swam, 1st place in the individual breaststroke for year 5. Joseph and Emily also swam in the individual breaststroke events, finishing 6th and 7th.

Later in the programme, both Emily and Joseph took part in the Year 6 team medley relays.

Emily swam the breaststroke leg and the team narrowly missed out on a medal coming home in 4th place. Feeling very unwell, Joseph did not want to let his team down and he swam the butterfly leg in the medley relay, the boys year 6 team came 7th overall.

The second session of the day started with the freestyle events, it was Joshua’s time to swim and what a cracking race he had, silver medal position in the Year 4 individual freestyle event. Scarlett was up next in her 2nd individual event of the gala, and she came 3rd in a very tight race.

The last events of the programme were the freestyle relays. Joshua formed part of the year 4 boys relay team and swam with children from other LS schools, this race was really gripping, and the boys came home in 3rd place winning a bronze medal.

Scarlett was also taking part in the Year 5 freestyle relay; they narrowly missed out on a medal and came home in a respectable 4th position.

Emily and Daisy were swimming in one of the last events of the day, year 6 girls freestyle relay and they were swimming second and fourth. The race was so tight and exciting, the team finished 3rd receiving a bronze medal each.

Well done to all the London South swimmers, especially the children from OGS, you are amazing, I am very proud of you all.

Thank you to Mrs Cox for being on poolside with our team, as I was asked to be an official this year for the ISA and lastly to all our committed parents and siblings cheering on the team, thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Michelle Evans

Swimming Coach