Early Years Super Storytellers

ISA Young Storytellers Competition Winners 2023

Before half term our Kindergarten and Lower Kindergarten entered the ISA Young Storytellers competition.  We are thrilled to say that they were one of 10 winning schools in their category out of 110 schools who entered.

Their story is below:

Our adventure beings on a bench with a sea snail called Gary and he can skate on
the water. One day Gary goes out and skates on the sea all morning. He begins to get
hungry and decides to stop at the nearest island. As he is looking around for something
to eat, he hears a noise beyond the palm trees. Just beyond those trees is Joe the
crab who is digging around in the sand looking for treasure, including jewels that didn’t
even belong to him. Gary decided that he needed to help Joe to be a kinder crab. That
night Gary crept into Joe’s secret cave where he hid all his treasure and handed them
back to their owners. When Joe came back to his cave he was sad. Gary said to Joe
“The feelings you have now is what people have been feeling every day”. Joe said
how sorry he was and handed back all the things, including Gary’s shell. Joe turned
to Gary afterwards and said “I feel so happy handing all these things back.”

We are all really proud of our Early Years team.  Well done.