Year 4 Educational Outing to the British Wildlife Centre – Thursday 15th June 2023

Year 4 British Wildlife Centre 2023

On Thursday 16th June, Year 4 went on a trip to the British Wildlife Centre. The first animals we saw were harvest mice. They were hiding in wheat. We saw a Scottish Wildcat called Hilda who had one kitten, but it wasn’t old enough to have a name. The next Scottish Wildcat was a male called Atticus and he lived alone. The last Scottish Wildcat was called Cabbage!

The next animals were badgers. They lived in a sett. They had six cubs, but I liked to call them an 8-badger pile up!

The polecats had holes to go through because they had slim bodies. The male was called Ash and the female was called Minstrel.

After that, we tried to spot the snakes, Lucius and Bellatrix, but we couldn’t find them.
We walked through the squirrel enclosure and looked at hedgehogs’ habitats and we saw Grogan the hedgehog up close!

We saw Ottermus Prime and Albus Dumbledeer (can you guess what animals they were?) and owls too.

We had a great day, even though it was very, very, very hot and we saw how all the animals coped with the heat!

By Vivienne L, Year 4