Confident Cross Country – Wednesday 15th November 2023

girl on the school field

Last Wednesday was Inter-House Cross Country.  Almost everyone in the school competed except for Lower Kindergarten.  Kindergarten went first with the Year 6 helping them.  Next went Year 1 doing one lap on their own.  Willow, Edie and Ava came first, second and third in Year 1 for the girls and George, Ethan and Joe for the boys.

Year 2 were next running two laps.  The winners for the boys were Shray, Harry and Max and the girls were Cara, Scarlett and Isabelle.

Then was Year 3’s turn doing 3 laps.  The boys who came in first, second and third were Logan, Freddie and Jude and the girls were Izzy, Ophelia and Georgia.

Year 4 came next, doing guess what, 3 laps with Alec coming first, then Caiden, then Jaimin. The girls were Bonnie, Hetty and Sienna.

Year 5’s turn next also doing 3 laps.  The winners for the boys were Beau, Milan and Noah and the girls Vivienne, Isla and Ilana.

Lastly was Year 6 also running 3 laps and the winners for the girls were Scarlett, Emilie and Millie and the boys Jacob, Hartley and Jackson.

By the end everyone was so out of breath, they went to their classrooms, changed their shoes and went home.  Well done to  everyone for taking part.

By Lizzie K and Hettie J, Year 4